• Kinugawa Billet Turbocharger SAAB 900 9000 STD TD05-16G w T3 6cm Replace Garret

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    Application- Replace and Upgrade Stock SAAB 900 9000 Garrett T3 TB03 Turbocharger
    - Replace Garrett TB0312, TB0339, TB0357, TB0382, TB0321, TB0358, TB0356, TB0343,
    - SAAB B201, B202, B202F, B202E, B202F
    HP Range280~350HP
    Bearing TypeJournal Bearing / Performance Thrust Bearing Kit with larger thrust ring and flinger.
    Cooling SystemWater cooled
    Compressor Wheel48.3 / 68 mm TD05-16G Billet Wheel)
    Turbine Wheel47.4 / 56 mm ( STD TD05 / Smaller than TD05H)
    Turbine Housing- T3 Inlet Flange
    - Internal Gate
    Nozzle Area : 6 cm^2 (A/R .41)
    Wastegate Actuator

    0.8bar / 12 psi spring will be pre-installed on this actuator.
    - 0.5Bar, 0.8 Bar, 1 Bar, 1.2 Bar, 1.5 bar actuators are available, please contact us if you need it.

    Turbo Boost Limit2.8 Bar (Based on Performance bearing kit with larger thrust bearing )
    Kit Incl.Everything shown on picture is included.
    Condition- Brand New
    This turbo comes with STD TD05 turbine wheel with smaller turbine wheel than TD05H, so it will spool faster than TD05H turbine wheel, but goes with less top end HP.