• Kinugawa Billet Turbocharger SAAB 900 9000 STD TD05H-16G w T3 6cm Replace Garret

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    Application- Replace and Upgrade Stock SAAB 900 9000 Garrett T3 TB03 Turbocharger
    - Replace Garrett TB0312, TB0339, TB0357, TB0382, TB0321, TB0358, TB0356, TB0343,
    - SAAB B201, B202, B202F, B202E, B202F
    HP Range300~350HP
    Bearing TypeJournal Bearing / Performance Thrust Bearing Kit with larger thrust ring and flinger.
    Cooling SystemWater cooled
    Compressor Wheel48.3 / 68 mm TD05-16G Billet Wheel)
    Turbine Wheel49.2 / 56 mm ( TD05H Turbine wheel)
    Turbine Housing- T3 Inlet Flange
    - Internal Gate
    Nozzle Area : 6 cm^2 (A/R .41)
    Wastegate Actuator

    0.8bar / 12 psi spring will be pre-installed on this actuator.
    - 0.5Bar, 0.8 Bar, 1 Bar, 1.2 Bar, 1.5 bar actuators are available, please contact us if you need it.

    Turbo Boost Limit2.8 Bar (Based on Performance bearing kit with larger thrust bearing )
    Kit Incl.Everything shown on picture is included.
    Condition- Brand New